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WavyCat allows your Revenues and sales teams to enhance all their resources up to limits they would never have believed possible.
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Maximize revenue with price recommendations in different room types and boards on an intuitive platform.


Optimize your resources by working with automatic tasks and managing all channels, online and offline, in a single platform.


Design your strategy, search for new markets, and optimize your resources considering market and forecasting behavior.


Real-time data and tools to make personalized reports, analyses, and alerts are available in one platform to have a vision of your profitability analytics.


WavyCat offers a unique way to optimize your income.

Digitalization has arrived to stay in the hotel industry. With Wavycat, we adapt your procedures to the new digital era to maximize your hotels’ profits.

Manage your online and offline channels from a sole platform.

Set the target, and the algorithm guides you to your final goals.

Manage the hotel inventory and stop sales automatically with rules and forget about restocking your allotment manually.

Get the maximum possible profits with dynamic discounts and supplements, extra people’s special prices, and single rooms depending on occupancy.

Work with dynamic prices for each room type and the different boards of each of your hotels.

We incorporate market demand data from where hotels are located as a reference for hotels’ strategies.

View all your data on a single platform and make performance analysis & evaluation. You can include your own budget and goals so that the algorithm fits your strategy.


They trust us

Success stories

“Wavy is like our third hand and brain. It is in everything to us and useful for everything. It allows us to develop our revenue strategy for a much longer term and, above all, to deepen into much more detail. It is also a synonym for security: after establishing our strategy, we have said goodbye to unexpected overbookings. It's also reassuring that I can afford to think from a more strategic level, because tactical is already covered. It is also a treat, it allows you to do so many things that you want to test as much as you can. It is also a great pride, I remember the setup week, with us being the first hotels in Gran Canaria to trust Wavy... and these two years have shown that we have not been mistaken”

Mélanie Lebourgeois

Director of Sales & Marketing

“The best of Wavyssa is that it is a technology created from a hotelier perspective. It brings us a tool to control online and offline channels from the same platform in an intuitive way.”

David González

Sales Manager Director at Fergus Hotels

“Is a RMS created for holiday hotels. With WavyCat we have been able to achieve the dynamization we needed on its full meaning. It allows us to grow and optimize according to the demand per room, board, date… and to automate tedious processes easily. ”

Lourdes Catillejo

Revenue director and online Distribution manager at Canarian hospitality

“Wavy’s RMS is the tool I was looking for years on the market and did not exist until now. It has been a great discovery and the best tech investment we have made in the sales area for our hotels. It contributes to reducing tasks in the booking department such as allotment restocking, stop sales, etc… The opportunity to create rates and allotment rules for Revenue is amazing, and it contributes to successful sales optimization. It includes a BI platform with fantastic and customized reports. Without a doubt, Wavycat is the most complete RMS on the market for leisure hotels. I recommend it 100% due to its potential and its custom-made advice. ”

Alejandro Tugués

Revenue Manager at My Way Hotels & Resorts

“We immediately understand that Wavyssa could be a perfect partner to be able to optimize income taking into account our distribution. As we always mention, the RMS that speaks our same language, a short conversation was enough to realize that with its automations and rules it could help us both online and offline. After a year working with them in two of our hotels, and after very good results, we have now integrated the 6 hotels in our chain. ”

Paco Sánchez

Commercial Director


The RMS Wavycat adapts to the needs and specificities of the leisure sector, as it considers guarantees in the algorithm.

Yes, the autopilot option is available if requested by the customer.

Wavycat allows a thorough analysis of information in real-time through customizable reports. Alerts can also be set so that warnings arrive, and you do not miss anything happening in your hotels.

Yes, our team will always be available for you in the implementation of the tool, while you learn how to use it, every time any doubts that may arise.

Our team is our biggest asset, all Wavy staff members have worked in leisure hospitality, so they are ready to meet the needs of our customers.